FaceShield (Kid’s)

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Model Name Face Shield (Kid’s)
Brand Polaroid
Benefit Provides coverage for the full face
  • Polaroid’s Stay Safe visors are made from clear polycarbonate for impact resistance & clarity. The Anti-Fog Full Face design provides your child with an added layer of safety while she meets her friends, goes to classes/ school and goes outside to play.
  • These face guards protect your child from splashes, sprays, droplets, UV rays, scorching sun & pollution.
  • Anti Scratch & reusable up to 10,000 times, these easy to maintain washable face shields are ideal for your child. You may use soap and water to disinfect the protective visor
  • Provides frontal and lateral protection: anti-contagion barrier for ocular transmissibility.
  • Can be worn over eyeglasses or sunglasses.
  • Adjustable fit with elastic band for head circumference of less than 53cm.
Certificate European Certification EN 166 3 F CE (can also be used in the medical and sanitary field)
Life Reusable up to 10,000 times
Colour Transparent
Warranty 2 years
Special FedEx Delivery This product requires special care for packing and shipping. A shipping fee of Rs. 250 will be applied. Deliveries within Mumbai will receive a refund of Rs. 100 after the payment is processed.