Customer Experience

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L&M Legacy
Customer Experience

Lawrence & Mayo has built its brand on the philosophy of providing the customer an unparalleled eyewear retail shopping experience. From iconic heritage location to modern outlets in shopping districts, L&M has now extended it’s services even to customers home, giving a new dimension to the L&M brand.

Pan India Network of Stores

Our endeavour since 1877 has been to bring closer to you, through our pan India network, standardised, quality eyecare & eyewear at every store. All our stores across India are wholly company owned stores ensuring the highest level of commitment. The journey to deliver a standardized & professional experience led to us bringing the following innovations through our retail stores.

leading eyewear brands

We were among the first opticians to introduce eyewear brands into the Indian market starting with names like Christian Dior,  Menrad, Vienna Line Ray Ban and the trend to bring in the latest continues in line with the growing demand for brands among our clients.

latest lens technologies

Good looks always had to go hand in hand with the sharpest vision.  From the days of glass lens optics right into the onset of plastic resilens and to the current day world where lenses are much deeper than the material Lawrence & Mayo has been the first to give it’s the clients the latest. Today’s lenses are more than about what they are made of, they are about how they are made uniquely for each person’s eye/lifestyle needs.

The mark of a leader is in the forefront of driving innovation and shaping these innovations into perfected solutions as we journey along to give our clients the best personalized solutions to their visual needs.

luxury eyewear retail

As a country our economy grew and affluence also improved but there was a gap in optical retail not been able to give the luxury experience as a result of which many affluent Indians would visit luxury boutiques outside of India.

However, with the advent of our boutique stores in Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata, clients need not look outside of India for the best of luxury experience that is parallel to an international boutique is available through this vertical.  

First fit guarantee

Given the scenario of inconsistent eye test results between practitioners and difficulty to adapt to new glasses smoothly Lawrence & Mayo embarked into standardizing the process of delivering quality eye care and unique solutions which we call the Precision Eye Test that has set us apart from the rest of the market.

Visiting an optician for many is not about professional eye care but for glasses but Lawrence & Mayo has set a mark for delivering professional standard in the eye care through its Precision Eye Test and qualified optometrists and for the eyewear part with its intensive Dispensing Training Program that qualifies them to sell and recommend glasses professionally.

Home Eye Test

As is the pattern of any economy where affluence grows, needs are replaced with people’s expectations skewing towards brands that provide convenience and quality and a unique experience. Our Home eye Test service ensures the Lawrence & Mayo Quality Assurance is delivered at your house or office.