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Instore Precision Eye Test
Eye testing par excellence at your L&M Store

All our L&M stores have a Precision Eye Testing facility in our clinics with the latest technology and expert optometrists to help you find the right power for your sight.

HET - 1
InStore Precision Eye Test
Eye testing par excellence at your L&M Store.

Now you can get your eye check-up done from the convenience and safety of your home. Our expert team of optometrists and eyewear consultants will bring our comprehensive eye test to your doorstep!

Instore eye testing by the experts

Get the right reading – every single time

enhanced eye checkup & testing

How Does it Work?

Case History
Step 1 / 12
Detailing the case history

Our optometrist interacts with the patient to understand the general health condition and specific eye related issues.

Visual Acuity Test
Step 2 / 12
Visual Acuity Test

In this step, the patient is checked for the clarity of vision. Here, the patient's ability to recognise small details with precision is tested.

Measurement of Power
Step 3 / 12
Measurement of Eye Power

Our optometrists use an Auto Refractor, which is a computer-controlled machine, during an eye test to provide an objective measurement of a person's refractive error.

Manual Refraction
Step 4 / 12
Subjective Refraction

Our optometrist use the lenses trial kit to determine the refractive error and give maximum clarity to the patient's vision.

Duochrome Test
Step 5 / 12
Duochrome Test

The patient is asked to compare the clarity of the letters on the green and the red side. Post which, the prescription power is finalised.

Pupillary Reaction
Step 6 / 12
Pupillary Reaction

This test is to observe the response of pupils to light. Your optician will observe the size and shape of the pupils while a light is shone into the eyes from either side.

Muscle Balance Test
Step 7 / 12
Ocular Motility Test

Ocular motility test involves moving the eyes in eight different directions to observe the movement, which helps in determining the proper functioning of eye muscles.

Color Vision Test
Step 8 / 12
Color Vision Test

This test helps in understanding the red green color deficiencies, thus determining the color blindness condition.

Slit lamp
Step 9 / 12
Slit lamp

Slit lamp Test is used to examine different segments of human eye. The test is helpful providing a magnified view of eye structures in detail, enabling diagnoses to be made for a variety of eye conditions.

Eye Pressure Measurement
Step 10 / 12
Eye Pressure Measurement

This step will determine the intraocular pressure, or the fluid pressure inside the eye. It is an important test in the evaluation of patients at risk from glaucoma.

* Note: This step is available in select store locations.

Retinal Examination
Step 11 / 12
Retinal Examination

This test helps us detect and monitor retinal disorders by using a mobile fundus camera which allows us to capture a retinal image for further evaluation.

* Note: This step is available in select store locations.

Optometrist's Advice
Step 12 / 12
Optometrist's Advice

Based on patients eye power, the optometrist recommends the best options, creating an awareness of why the recommended lenses suits the needs of the patient.

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We've put together a bunch of questions that most of our customers have when we first visit them for an eye test.
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