Optical Expertise

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Optical Expertise

Be it with the practices that are in place, or through the experienced and trained staff, at L&M we pride ourselves in adopting best practices of the industry and implementing them via modern equipment to give you, the customer, a First Fit Guarantee!

Precision eye testing

Our ten-step precision eye test is a test that outperforms a standardized eye test in the market which largely focusses on testing the eye power. Our deep knowledge of the industry and drive for excellence in eyecare has enabled the crafting of a ten-step precision eye test that ensures we deliver consistency and quality and depth of eye care across our showrooms.

We go beyond the basics of refraction and look at the health of your eyes for any early signs of threat to sight and also to identify if there are any indicators that need medical attention. This curated procedure also ensures that we give each of our clients a solution that is tailor-made for their unique requirements. We do evaluate in our clinic’s conditions like cataract. Some our advanced eye clinics also have the facility to do retinal imaging and telemedicine services with our internationally renowned business partner.

contact lens fitting

For those who don’t like to wear glasses or have a refractive surgery, contact lenses (Link to a blog on contact lenses) are a great way to correct your vision and enjoy the freedom of not having to wear glasses. All our clinics have contact lens fitting clinics handled by skilled and qualified optometrists who strictly adhere to the Lawrence & Mayo practise standards. 

We at Lawrence & Mayo are very particular in putting every patient through a systematic trial of different lenses before we dispense them and ensure that they fit on your eyes and meet health parameters that are defined by international standards that also include a regular follow up of clients to ensure that they can safely enjoy vision through their contacts

Home Eye test

Retaining its DNA and core values is essential to Lawrence & Mayo. The HPET puts L&M values – service, expertise, and genuineness at the pinnacle of every single step that is involved in a fulfilling HPET experience.

Placing customer convenience & satisfaction at the forefront, the HPET focusses on the best practices for a seamless eye testing experience – exceptional service enveloped with great care and precision. The HPET has metamorphosed into a more beneficial and comprehensive testing and is an extension of L&M’s store services – a showroom-cum-clinic at your doorstep. Same clinical expertise and attention to detail, all from the comfort of your home. L&M assures you – We are just a call away for you and your family!

marking & measurement

No matter how accurate an eye test is done, the fitting must be also in line with the highest levels of accuracy. Our optical dispensers are highly skilled in choosing the right set of lenses for your lifestyle and ensure that our recommendations will enhance the quality of your life.

To ensure accuracy in markings and measurements we use the best of gadgets in the laboratory and retail to ensure consistency and accuracy.