Spectacle lenses for a life of clarity!

Explore spectacle lenses from the world’s very best. Tailor-made to your specific needs, our spectacle lenses will ensure 100% clear vision! Get expert advise from our team of trained optometrists on which lens is best for you.

Correct Your Vision

Find a lens specific for your visual needs

  • Single Vision Lenses

    If you cannot see object clearly that either far away OR near to you, then our single vision lenses are right for you.
  • Progressive Lenses

    Vision correction for both near and far objects, all within a seamless single lens, without the need for swapping glasses!
  • Zero Power Lenses

    Protect your eyes from fatigue and enjoy a relaxed vision at home/office especially while interacting with digital devices.
  • Myopia Lenses

    Cutting edge technology to give children a solution to counter rapidly increasing myopia at a young age.

Protect Your Eyes

Lens treatments that make a difference

  • Bluelight Filter

    Blue light from digital gadgets cause digital eye strain and our range of harmful blue blocking glasses ensure that you can work longer on your gadgets safely.
  • UV Protection

    Lenses improve vision, reduces eye strain and makes your eyeglasses look more attractive by almost eliminating reflections from the front and back surfaces of the lenses.
  • Polarized/Tinted

    Polarized lenses reduce glare and eye strain and thereby promote visual comfort and clarity making your outdoor activity a pleasurable and safe one.
  • Photochromatic

    Lenses are light adaptive lenses which are clear indoors and darken to a sunglass level of darkness when triggered by UV light from outdoor exposure.